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financial planning

Retirement planning

income replacement

education planning

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a complex process involving a two-way communication between the Financial Practitioner and the client.


It is broken down into many parts, depending on which stage of the financial planning life cycle you’re in. Are you a young Millennial looking to build up your protection portfolio? Are you preparing to settle down and start a family? Or perhaps you are looking to retire in a few years’ time?


Each person has different needs.

Finacial planning

Income Replacement

How much coverage do you need in the event of Death/ Total & Permanent Disability / Critical Illness? Are you adequately covered for medical bills and accidents? Do you have enough money for your dependents in the event something bad happens to you?


In coverage planning, after determining the amount of income replacement or income protection you’ll need, we’ll calculate your coverage shortfall.

Retirement Planning

Each person has a different retirement figure. What’s yours? Our team will help you determine how much you’d need for that dream retirement.


After taking into consideration the value of your existing resources earmarked for retirement, we’ll tailor your solutions to ensure you achieve your retirement target.

Educational Planning

Education Planning is about calculating how much you’ll need to set aside for your child’s higher education. You’ll be working with our team to determine your child’s education target and address this shortfall with tailored solutions.

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